The Snowflake Principle


Thank you for visiting True Living Today.  I’m so glad you stopped by!

You may be wondering, “So what’s with the snowflake?”  I believe God created each and every one of us with a distinct purpose.  Each of us, like a snowflake, has a beautiful, intricate ” uniqueness” all our very own.  No two are created exactly alike. This is by God’s design.  The distinct set of qualities that make you special and unique are those which God has designed especially for you, and no one else.  He created you with a specific purpose in mind.  That makes you a special part of His creation!

My calling is to help people of all ages and walks of life discover God’s deep and endearing love and the hope and abundant life that is found through His Son, Jesus Christ.  God has given me a heart-felt passion for assisting others in discovering and living their God-given purpose, while growing in His love and grace.

You can grow toward becoming all God created you to be, no matter what your circumstances!

Visit often and discover more!

“We are continually faced

with great opportunities,

brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.”

– Lee Iacocca

May God bless you abundantly and guide you to becoming all He created you to be!

In Christ’s Love,



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