The Essence of Love


Love is a sunrise- a radiant kiss
of life and warmth for all creation,
The heavens amidst,
a glorious light of truth and dedication.

Love is a seashore- golden sand
and silver waves depict the timeless art,
Collecting and sifting, again and again,
carefully discerning the thoughts of the heart.

Love is a gentle rain shower in spring-
soothing the thirst of a weary one’s soul.
Falling, it makes the heat to sing
and tenderly urges the flowers to grow.

Love is a mountain- majestic and strong,
a colossus of truth, changeless and free;
A powerful fortress which all nature bonds
and holds in its chambers life’s key.

Love is a miracle- God’s special gift,
His perfect plan sent to earth.
Love is the essence of all that is HIS,
the measure of life and its worth.

And all who discover this wondrous gift
hold the key to God‘s riches untold.
It is love’s priceless treasure that brings hearts a’lift,
for the essence of love is life to the soul.

by Angela Hall Dobbins © 2010


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