Beautiful Days Of Autumn


Beautiful Days of Autumn
~ Angela Hall Dobbins

Autumn leaves swirl ‘round in circles
O’er the beautiful, shimmering pond,
And, in the meadow, wildflowers wake
Into the misty morning dawn.

The sparrows seem to dance a ballet
‘Round the oak tree’s branching bows,
And the mockingbird sings his melody
In the time to him nature allows.

Little cottontails scamper ‘cross the meadow,
All covered in sparkling dew,
To drink from a stream of rainwater
That has freshly fallen anew.

The squirrel is gathering nuts
For the winter yet to come.
And, though it seems he’s plenty,
He’s always lacking some.

These beautiful days of autumn
The beholder will long remember,
For each reveals the Creator’s heart,
In all its wondrous splendor.


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