Do You Sometimes Feel Overwhelmed?

Allow this beautiful song to take you to a new place of spiritual uplifting!

Due to the effects of a chronic illess, I find that I am more easily overwhelmed these days. It seems that, in our ever changing world, the pressures and challenges we all face in our daily lives are increasing, at least on some levels. If you’re like me, it is a real challenge sometimes just to deal with the day-to-day routines and responsibilities of life- the “necessities” one might say. Not to mention the difficulty that comes in dealing with the increasing waves of crisis that seem to pour over and through our lives.

When I reach the point of overwhelm, I try to think of this song…to listen to it’s words and begin to sing it in my spirit. I find that, before long, the overwhelm I was feeling under the weight of circumstances bearing down upon my life is replaced by the overwhelming beauty, glory, and magnificence of the Great and Mighty God who loves me unconditionally and Who spoke the worlds into existence. This same God, in all His majesty, is our wonderful, loving, merciful Savior who understands our plight and who cares for our every need. His utter greatness, combined with His infinite love and tender mercies, are completely overwhelming!

Take a few moments, find a place where you can be alone with God, close your eyes or gaze up at the night sky, and listen to the words of this beautiful song, as it is so worshipful and moving. The video above features the band Big Daddy Weave, who recorded part of the song during their visit to Tanzania.

In Christ’s Love,


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