Your Gift


Be sure to share your gift today
with someone along life’s way;
though it may, to that one in need,
be a gift he can not repay.

Search deep within yourself
to find those special traits,
which God has gifted especially to you,
for uplifting others today.

Reach out and touch another
with the love God has placed deep within.
For, even when your own heart is heavy,
there is one whose heart you can tend.

So remember to think of someone today
whose life you may somehow touch,
that through the special gift God has given you,
He might reveal His love.

For the greatest gift we can offer another
is God’s precious gift of Love,
and to help one discover his own special gift,
lovingly bestowed from above.

by Angela Hall Dobbins © 2010


2 thoughts on “Your Gift

    • Hi, Jen. I agree, it can be draining sometimes because life can really throw some difficult things at us. I truly believe this earthly life is preparationn for our life hereafter- a testing ground, if you will. It’s a journey toward becoming the person God created us to be. And the greatest thing- the really encouraging thing- is that Christ is right here beside us every step of the way! If He weren’t, I don’t think I’d be here today. I’m prayng that the Lord will bless you on your journey, Jen, and that you will find wonderful springs of life and refreshement in simple little pleasures along the way. Joni Eareckson Tada calls them “little splashes of heaven”. I enjoy reading her books and posts on her blog, as well as reading and listening to her radio show clips. She’s really an inspiration to so many. I’m so happy to hear from you and blessed by your commnets. Thank you so much and may the Lord bless you abundantly!

      In Christ’s Love,

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